Emigration tragedies

The history of the florences, calabrian and italian emigration is dotted with individual and collective tragedies, work incidents, massacres of men, exploitation and even slavery.

Italian emigration history: Italians and Calabrians Coal Miners in Monongah, West Virginia, 1907

We must and we can remember what ours fallen underwent; it's time to remove the taboo that has encapsulated the foreign tragedies of our workmen.
To fall on their work in foreign country in order to send maintenance to their own families is a destiny which implied hundreds of southern emigrants, but San Giovanni in Fiore paid a tribute far too heavy, with a long and painful list of victims.
Many becamed rich on the drama of our population, before, during and after, tie profit from who left and who stayed: it's time to make clearness and to institute debates and research on all that means for the florenses the emigration. Put our destiny in history in order to search ways for a better future.

Francesco Saverio ALESSIO

State of West Virginia

Emigration Tragedies

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