San Giovanni in Fiore - Woman in traditional dress (Angela Maria DE MARCO) - Photography by Mario Iaquinta © 1985

San Giovanni in Fiore - Woman in a traditional dress

(Angela Maria DE MARCO)

Fotografia: Mario IAQUINTA, copyright © 1985

In this webpage you find links to some writings which relate the emigration or the attachment to its own cultural roots.
They are written by members of the Direction, artists and intellectual's florenses.

We are waiting other writings on these arguments and hope to begin as soon as possible a debate on our site. Meanwhile we propose some writings of researchers of emigration and immigration problems, of the "disintegration" of the local Culture consequent to the mass emigration of the Florense population, of cultural, social, individual, emotional and artistic realities, concerning the migratory populations in order to provide a stimulus to the debate.

Which time, which place is the dream?
I feel light as a shade, made of fog.


My first impression was that of a place contained on him self, wrapped around an invisible, monastic and claustrophobic secret. The insufficient afternoon light and the first autumnal dense fog imposed this feeling on the conscience, and they worried it.

Salvatore INGLESE

Born in a summer bathed by the blood of Genoa, overturned by the heat and the hedonist fury of entertainment at all costs, produced during another emigration fortunately in Rome, inspired by the experience of a love story contrasted by prejudices and inevitably lost, these images speaks a lot about my being radically, passionally, painfully Florense.

Francesco Saverio ALESSIO

I’ve assisted at the disintegration of the local culture, at the urbanistic and territorial disaster consequent to the phenomenon of the mass emigration of our population, and, especially, at the absolute lack of rational programming of the resources by the succeeding Municipal Authorities in the last four decades.

Francesco Saverio ALESSIO

I am one of the one hundred million people whose ancestor entered America through the immigration offices on Ellis Island in New York.

This fortunate ancestor was my grandfather and when I was a child he used to tell me over and over again the story of how he got to America and of how he became a citizen of the United States.





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