by Ro Pucci

One of the most fascinating journeys in American culture is the trip through the history of American Cinema.

Houston - Photography by Ro Pucci


Having a legendary guide in this journey is certainly a luxury that everyone, no matter how knowledgeable about the subject, can definitely appreciate.

A particularly masterful guide for the journey is Martin Scorsese, the esteemed director of timeless movies such as Taxi Driver and The Gangs of New York.

Scorsese has studied the subject with a burning passion no doubt influenced by his Italian-American roots. This particular cultural sensitivity colors and helps us through the long exciting road of Hollywood “dreams factory”.
One of the first movies, that according to his own admission, touched the great director was Duel in the Sun. This was a visually shocking and powerful work, far too explicitly erotic for its time. The movie left the young Scorsese with the puzzling question of how was it possible that the beautiful protagonist could fall in love with the villain.
According to the director, the contemporary movie is thus the result of a combination of three major genres: the American western born from the tales of the frontier, the detective stories of the east coast’s big cities, and finally the musicals that developed on Broadway. These three main routes intersect with other less prominent genres, evolving and adjusting to the important changes of American society. If we follow the evolution of the American cinema will find movies that are important milestones.
These movies portray realistically the age of innocence, the desperation caused by the Stock market crash of 1929, and the ensuing confusion characterized by crime and depression. A skillful director can quickly transform a hero that lacks a variety of qualities, into a complex and miserable human being of questionable morality.
Excellent examples of this type of metamorphosis can be seen in movies where John Wayne is transformed by John Ford, and also in others where the good hearted James Stewart interprets roles less “traditional” and more in line with a “modern” America.

Scorsese belongs to the American cinema, to Hollywood with its majestic studios, industry, and collective creative efforts. He is aware of the contrast experienced in the work relationship between the director and the producer. In his opinion, during the golden age of Hollywood, it was the latter that had the upper hand, while the former was only aware of being the author and did not fully comprehend how else to fit in the picture. Only the best directors are able to find the right compromise between working with their counterparts and succeeding in bringing to life their creative vision.

Martin Scorsese believes that in our time directors such as Capra, Hitchcock, and Lucas have mastered this ability. In his artistic production martin Scorsese draws from the personal Italian-American nature, as well as the art of other great movie directors.
By examining some of the ideas and statements made by Scorsese we realize that according to him the next generation of director should always keep in mind that a good movie is never just the result of professionalism. For Scorsese the classics of the golden age were great because they were the result of a heartfelt passion for the telling the story.
The director believes that it is important that those who nowadays choose to sit behind the camera have the same inner fire and drive. A masterpiece is thus the ultimate creation that is able to magically reproduce the director’s personal fantasy to its fullest.
It is the experience that gives countless moviegoers a special insight into the mind and creativity of a movie director.

Roberto G. Pucci (Ro Pucci)

Ro Pucci

Ro Pucci is U. S. citizen of Italian origin, we live in Houston , Texas and we work as a freelance photojournalist. Some of his articles and pictures have been published on "ITALIA ESTERA" and on "La Gente d'Italia".

Is follow Italian and American facts and culture and is write also poems for his picture books.



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