Mediterranean Art: Emigration art: Florenses Gallery: The lost time poetry; Painter: Rosario FOGLIA, © copyright all rights reserved; www.florense.it: San Giovanni in Fiore, 2003/2004

Mediterranean Art

The lost time poetry

copyright © Rosario FOGLIA

[... ] the state of diffused social suffering, the evanescence of the reverberated mirages from the residual hopes of the economic development, the institutional atrophy and the political degradation, the loss of ethnic and familial solidarity, the failure of the traditional culture, the condition, diffused and pervasive, of psychological suffering represent the pointers of a long period of an irremediable historical and anthropological defeat of the autochthon society which, decimated by the mass emigration, seems to be resigned by now to the extinction [...]

The restless alliance between psychopathology and anthropology

Salvatore INGLESE

Every human being is thus unique and each Culture is precious; all the Cultures offer various and original fields of investigations of the reality. The preciosity of the cultural diversities is, for us of emigrati.it, a treasure to be kept carefully as the base for any human development.

Francesco Saverio ALESSIO



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