Florenses Escatology - Mediterranean Culture: Mediterranean Art: San Giovanni in Fiore: Gioacchino da Fiore: Table VI of Liber Figurarum

Mediterranean Culture: Mediterranean Art: San Giovanni in Fiore: Joachim of Flora - Gioacchino da Fiore: Table VI of Liber Figurarum

Florenses Escatology

Florens § Flaraconio § Fiore § Florense § Flos

San Giovanni in Fiore is a small medieval town was founded in the XIII century around the Florens Abbey which was built by Gioacchino da Fiore (Joachim of Flora) "il calavrese abate Giovacchino,/ di spirito profetico dotato”.

Once mystical center and voted to the Spirit, in the heart of the SILA, rises on a mountainous massive in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Architecture:  Florenses:   Norman  Architecture in San Giovanni in Fiore: XII century

Architecture and Urbanism in San Giovanni in Fiore: XII century

One must work to conform a culture of the internationalization of the operators and the calabrians citizens in order to give life, with the Italians resident in a foreign country, to new relations and change those which already exist in stable and concrete factors for the development of the territory; one must indicate new methodologies, new fields of common research, proposals which reinforce the interest of Calabrians and Italians, resident in the foreign country, toward their ground of origin, to support knowledge and the contact between operators which work in Italy and those which work in a foreign country.

Francesco Saverio ALESSIO

It is born from a group of persons who in the course of their life, in the development of their jobs, in the relations they feel the consequences of the mass emigration of their population of appurtenance every day, believe in their land, in its concrete possibilities of development.

They work and they live in San Giovanni in Fiore, Sila, Calabria, ITALY.



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We of emigrati.it are convinced that it is possible to transform the phenomenon of the emigration into development factor of the native territories of appurtenance.

This is possible involving the emigrants in the foreign country as propellers for the development and broadcasting of the products, the culture, the calabrians and italians innovations in the world.

emigrati.it is our proposal of contact and exchange around fields of common interests between Calabrians and Italians who live in a foreign country and those, like us, live in fatherland.
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We are organizing a Scientific Committee of researchers and Personalities which deals with emigration, immigration, reality related to experiences of the migratory populations. In the following weeks we will publish the list of the persons who already expressed the will of belongings to the Committee and others who, we hopes will do it.


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