Italians emigrants in Naples harbour

Italians emigrants in Neaples harbour

San Giovanni in Fiore - Calabria - Italy

We of are convinced that it is possible to transform the phenomenon of the emigration into development factor of the native territories of appurtenance. is our proposal of contact and exchange around fields of common interests between Calabrians and Italians who live in a foreign country and those, like us, live in fatherland.

They are by now two centuries that our population is forced to emigrate, and the generations of the descendants of our emigrants are quit a lot. wants to be a small help for who feels the need for seeking its own roots, an assistance for who comes from far away and does not even know the language, a contribution for an analysis of our mass migratory experience, a memory of the deprivations, the sacrifices, the tragedies, the drama of a population, forced to eradicate from its own ground and its own culture in order to go encounter the unknown...

...we don't have to forget that the greater part of the first emigrating Florenses, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, embarked in Naples on the way for America. The most "ancient" florenses emigrants are those of North and South America: many are the generations of American florenses. is born to stimulate and maintain links of friendship, agreement and brotherhood between the emigrants and their sons which are in the foreign country and in the country of origin, Calabria and Italy. Stimulate the interest for the History of the country of origin, Calabria and Italy, for their political, economic and social evolution, for the language, the literature, the arts and all the cultural events. is born to strengthen the links of friendship and collaboration between the associations of Florenses, Calabrians and Italians in the world. Develop the relations of good neighbourhood, the feelings of respect and mutual sympathy and the cultural exchanges between San Giovanni in Fiore and its province, Calabria and the countries where Florenses, Calabrians and Italians live.

San Giovanni in Fiore, 2003

Francesco Saverio ALESSIO

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